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Tours in Maui - Maui Helicopter Tours

Let’s climb into the helicopter for a fun time over the island of Maui. Best Deals On Maui Helicopter Tours are so good! Helicopter Tours in Maui is a thrilling experience. Maui Helicopter Tours will elevate you to new heights. So take a  maui helicopter tour when you arrive. A  maui helicopter is very extraordinary and the, maui helicopter ride is to die for! So start an awesome helicopter ride in maui and see the maui helicopters. The hawaii helicopter is a smooth trip in the air plus the hawaii helicopter tour is cool. Let the Tours in Maui fly you through the blue skies of Maui!

Maui Complete Circle Island Helicopter Tour is so impressive! See the entire island of Maui on the Complete Circle Island Tour!  You will get incredible views of all the best natural sites Maui has to offer – cool waterfalls; lush tropical forests; deep, mysterious valleys; and enormous Haleakala Crater. These are just some of the amazing sites you will see – Maui is one of the most beautiful islands in the world, and this is the tour to take if you want to see all of the best. Air Maui knows just where to take you to provide you with an unforgettable air tour.  This is a 60 minute flight, so go to the restroom before boarding. Half hour check-in prior to all flights is required.

West Maui Molokai Tour is a smooth ride! WEST MAUI & MOLOKAI FLIGHT - Covers the Valleys of the West Maui Mountains before crossing the channel to explore the island of Molokai.  See the rugged and scenic West Maui Mountains on this exceptional 60 minute flight. See the humpback whales (during whale season) while you cross the Pailolo channel; all as you begin your helicopter journey to the magnificent sea cliffs and cascading waterfalls of Molokai's North Shore.   Deluxe West Maui/Molokai Tour #4 is the so attractive and exciting! This awesome tour trades the journey into the Heart of the Haleakala Volcano for a breathtaking trip across the Pailolo Channel for a view of the Island of Molokai. You will also be treated to the famous Kalaupapa Peninsula.  During the Winter Months, the Humpback Whale Circus is in town and you will likely see the antics of these Boxcar sized Humpback whales. 

S-3 Deluxe Circle Island: 60-65 Minute Flight Time. This Tour Circles the Entire Island and offers extra flight time. You will experience the Tropical Rain Forest, the spectacular Haleakala Volcano, and East Maui Waterfalls including Jurassic Falls, and the famous Wall of Tears of the West Maui Mountains. This tour offers our longest flight time and is always a winner for those who crave adventure.  The FAA requires any passenger over 250 pounds to purchase an additional seat. We are absorbing 50% of that fee and will only charge half the normal fare price. We apologize for any inconvenience. While all Helicopter Touring Companies do not absorb half the cost of the extra seat all must comply with this new FAA aircraft weight and balance safety order.

Best Deals On Maui Helicopter Tours is the greatest savings for helicopters rides. Helicopter Tours in Maui is a new vibrant time!  Maui Helicopter Tours is a break taking moment in the air! The maui helicopter tour is a remarkable ride. The maui helicopter  and maui helicopter ride are ready for you! Take a helicopter ride in maui then enjoy the maui helicopters. Don‘t forget the hawaii helicopter and hawaii helicopter tour. Take a breath and hold on so Tours in Maui can take off!

With Tours in Maui you have the best choice of Maui Helicopter Tours and Activities and the lowest prices. Enjoy A Maui Helicopter Ride.



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  Sunshine Helicopters  Sunshine Helicopters
  Air Maui  Air Maui is a family owned and operated company, and one of the safest tour operators in the state of Hawaii. We fly state-of-the-art Astar helicopters and employ the most experienced and skilled pilots around. Our tours include Haleakala Crater, Han
  Blue Hawaii Helicopters  Since its founding in 1985, Blue Hawaiian has grown to be Hawaii’s premiere helicopter tour company, with a dedication to the comfort and safety of its passengers that is the benchmark of the industry.


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